Wayne’s new song “Times Like These” addresses a hope in the face of tragedy. 100% of initial purchases were donated to victims in the Newtown CT shooting.

Words and Music by Wayne Burton ©2012. Featuring Jessie Clark Funk

In this troubled world, in times like these
You can see it everywhere
People so unsure of what tomorrow brings
As if they haven’t got a prayer

But if we look high above the heartache, and far beyond the fear
We will see the brightest ray of hope that fills this time of year

A light in the dark
Steady and true
Shining with a love that will always be enough to hold onto
A star in the sky
A beacon of peace
To turn our hearts to heaven in times like these

From the hardest life to the smallest voice
He can reach that place inside
When men will lay their weapons down
For a song of joy, if only for one silent night

But if we reach higher than the hatred, deeper than the doubt
That’s when we will discover, where the answer can be found


We can’t see what lies ahead of us
But His light will lead the way ‘Cause the world has never needed Him
Like we need Him today



Wayne’s songs – among the five albums as an artist, and including tracks on other projects, number several dozen. Samples can be heard by visiting the store page and reviewing the mp3s from each album. Lyrics and the stories behind the songs are below.





Learn more about what inspired Wayne to write the songs he’s written – inspirations and background stories below “Behind the Songs”.

Wayne’s new song “One by One” was released on youtube recently. See the lyrics below:

In November 1856, pioneers in the Martin handcart company were caught by deep snow and cold weather in the mountains ofWyoming. They had already lost many of their members along the way to cold and disease. Starving and fatigued they met the icy Sweetwater river and felt that they could go no further. Grown men sat on the frozen ground and cried with their wives and children.


Then to their amazement rescuers appeared on the horizon. Three eighteen-year-old young men stepped forward and carried nearly every member of their handcart company across the river. The strain was so terrible, and the exposure so great, that in later years all these young men died from the effects of what they did that day.


President Brigham Young cried like a child when he heard what they had done. He later said that act alone would guarantee these young men an everlasting salvation in the Celestial Kingdom of God, worlds without end.    (Church Artwork Collection, summary from “Three Young Men Rescue the Martin Handcart Company”, picture #415)



The frozen clouds of winter, hid the morning sun

At the rivers edge our hopes were swept away

It seemed we’d reached the bitter end before we had begun

And we’d already prayed all that we could pray


Then somewhere in the distance like a precious ray of sun

Like angels sent from heaven, they had come, and


            One by one they carried us across the water

            Fighting back the cold until we reached the other side

            Step by step we put our trust in them to guide us

            Amazed that they would offer such a willing sacrifice

            A story that the world may never know

            How one by one they brought us home


Hour after weary hour they fought the river’s might

And I wondered what would move a soul to give

Their mercy for a stranger was the perfect love of Christ

Reaching through devoted hands so that we could live


Now the years have passed and I have grown to realize

There’s One who came to rescue us from every storm of life, and


            One by one He carries us across the water

            Sheltered in His arms until we reach the other side

            Step by step we put our trust in Him to guide us

            Amazed that He would offer such a willing sacrifice

            The greatest love the world will ever know

            How one by one He’ll bring us home

            One by one He’ll bring us home