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3 days ago
I have uncovered a stash of old songwriting recordings from my teens. My first “album” was on cassette, “Into the Light”. Converting to digital. https://t.co/1DY3CrTzrw
6 days ago
Ever wonder in difficult times if God has vanished? Or is that when you see His hand in the little and substantial miracles in your life? New song - full chorus of “Working Wonders”. #miracles https://t.co/RZrgU8izX4
2 weeks ago
New song in the works. “Working Wonders”. God gives us miracles in our lives every day because he loves us! #wayneburtonmusic #godslove #miracles https://t.co/BVF8A1nYtf
2 weeks ago
Upcoming music fireside events in Utah, Tennessee and Chicago cancelled/postponed. Should we be looking at online streaming performance? what would you like to see? #coronavirus #covid19
3 weeks ago
Inspiring music coming up soon. Orchestral studio session today with Kenneth Cope for the new song “In Heaven’s Light”, written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the First Vision. #inspiration #revelationhttps://t.co/BF3Bn2RbEF

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