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Welcome to the new wayneburton.com home page! We are so thankful for all the fans and supporters that make this possible and hope you’ll find the music you’re looking for and learn a little about Wayne during your visit. Come again and please tell your friends!

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2 weeks ago
The brand new album is here in Canada! Let me know if you want a copy. Always available through https://t.co/X8udxCgUeQ but for locals I can grab you a copy of the CD and/or Songbook. Help spread the word. #melodies https://t.co/zFlg6xx0oT
4 weeks ago
Just posted a video https://t.co/KUP9KqMeKt
1 month ago
Looking for a new Sunday playlist? Don't forget to preorder Melodies before its release on Nov 2nd! Use the code melodiespreorder to get 33% off, "Ellie's Song" in advance, and another album for free! https://t.co/HyXphzS4W5
1 month ago
With old favorites and 10 new tracks, Wayne’s first instrumental album Melodies is here! Enjoy music from guest artists Jenny Oaks Baker, William Joseph, and others. Preorder at https://t.co/TeEq1jsX1q with the code MelodiesPreorder for 33% off and get another album for free! https://t.co/1CPb0vkClc
1 month ago
How have you found hope while reading the scriptures? “Dusty Pages” from the album Thankfully https://t.co/Ejb9O3rbAV
2 months ago
Recording @hannaeyre today for my new 2021 youth theme song “A Great Work”. Stay tuned...! #mutual #youth #youngwomen #youngmen #lds #genconf #agreatwork https://t.co/m7JrnxsX7F

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