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Twitter @wayneburtoninfo

2 days ago
IT’S HERE. WB’s new song “I Will Go and Do” - inspired by the 2020 Youth Theme and featuring evieclair. Video link in bio and music FREE at https://t.co/TeEq1jbm9S https://t.co/wnV2lPMdOa
3 days ago
Tomorrow is the big day, the new WB youth song “I Will Go and Do” featuring evieclair is released - Youtube video, recording, sheet music. Watch for it! #youththeme #youththeme2020 #efy #mutual https://t.co/Mtp7xxHTuz
1 week ago
Brand new original 2020 Youth Song “I Will Go and Do” coming soon! Featuring evieclair . Here’s a songwriter exclusive peek. Share with friends and watch for the full release. #youth #youththeme #youththeme2020https://t.co/LAMz9KGXkV
1 week ago
The new youth song “I Will Go and Do”, coming soon! Featuring evieclair Tell your friends. Releasing versions of the song in 8 languages. https://t.co/Ize5tIUMU7
2 weeks ago
New song. My heart’s been pondering a lot lately on how our Father in Heaven is the father of everyone. The believers, those who fight against him, those who have never heard of him - EVERYONE. And he loves each of… https://t.co/KFd9kdKlf2
2 weeks ago
A quote from my song "Fragile." https://t.co/D7d5qs2tD8

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