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Welcome to the new wayneburton.com home page! We are so thankful for all the fans and supporters that make this possible and hope you’ll find the music you’re looking for and learn a little about Wayne during your visit. Come again and please tell your friends!
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The Music of Wayne Burton
The Music of Wayne Burton1 day ago
Happy Martin Luther King day. I hope more than ever that we go out of our way to love and accept people of every color and nationality. I recorded this song with some great friends and talents. Watch the message at the end out healing he racial divide. Justin Bieber Yahosh Junior Maile Jay Warren
Justin Bieber - Pray (Cover - Wayne Burton feat. Yahosh Bonner, Junior Maile, Jay Warren)
Wayne Burton's cover of the Justin Bieber song, featured on Wayne's album "Come Let Us Adore Him" - iTunes & wayneburton.com. With the smoothest of guest voc...
The Music of Wayne Burton
The Music of Wayne Burton2 weeks ago
A couple years ago Tyler Castleton and I wrote and produced an album called "By the Voice of My Servants". It was a collection of songs inspired by the words of prophets and general leaders from General Conference. The song we wrote inspired by President Monson, featured his quote "In the temple we can find peace" and was titled "Peace". Here's the video of that song. He was a great leader and encouraged us to embrace the blessings of the temple. #peace #temples #thomassmonson
The Music of Wayne Burton
Peace ("In the temple we can find peace" Thomas S. Monson)
From the LDS General Conference inspired album By the Voice of My Servants (www.bythevoiceofmyservants.com). Written by Wayne Burton and Tyler Castleton, per...

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1 day ago
Happy MLK day. A video we shot to bring us all together. Check out the whole thing at https://t.co/JLJXauwY0u https://t.co/hT9AY3ezAS
2 weeks ago
Got the new Peace in Christ youth theme song French version recorded and mixed - Katia here… https://t.co/8apay7Jcuo
3 weeks ago
The final tracking and mixing begins now for the new youth theme song “Peace in Christ” (for… https://t.co/euQP7Wtav6
4 weeks ago
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/oTxNKUo1yj Luz del Cielo (Breath of Heaven) - Seli de Elenyi con Wayne Burton
4 weeks ago
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/1F4bx0cl50 If you’re missing someone this Christmas this song’s dedicated to you - The Piano

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